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Updated: Jun 4, 2020

2 BHK Budget Home

It is essential to design small homes with a bit of extra planning. It may be easy to make them look smart, stylish and trendy. However, what is critical is the use of ideas that will make living comfortable and effortless. This beautiful two-bedroom home in New Delhi has been artistically designed with a lovely balance of colour, texture, and pattern in the rooms. The interior designers & decorators of Esthetics Interior have given the home a unique and exceptional look on a small budget. 

The living room is small, and yet we are instantly attracted to it. The grey colour on the walls contrasts the vibrant blue tones of the sofa. The mouldings on the wall contribute a bit of classic charm to the contemporary design. The artwork on the wall adds a beautiful splash of colour to the room.

Beauty And Simplicity

The wingman chair that is arranged in a corner reflects the shade of the wall. The floral pattern in the chair adds a lovely feminine touch to the room’s design. The light-toned wood used in the TV unit is perfect for the modern living room.

Clever Designs

The ideal solution for smaller areas is to use ingenious space-saving ideas. Here, we see a simple and modern buffet table that also serves as a console table. The narrow section in between the two taller cabinets has been designed as a bar unit. It conveniently slides out when needed. Plants add the right energy and colour to the space. 

Elegant Kitchen

Most people consider smaller kitchens to be challenging to design. However, by using a simple design and accentuating with sharp contrasts, it is easy to work around it. The kitchen has modern modular units. The dark colour of the bottom cabinets contrasts with the grey tones of those above the counter. The lovely shelf separator near the entrance adds a charming touch to the design.

Perfect Bedroom

This bedroom features everything one needs in it. The bed is comfortable and modern. The soft and tufted headboard is a contemporary take on traditional wood. The grey colour works well as it keeps things neutral and relaxed. The drapes have been picked to match the neutral shades in the room.

Cool and Modern

This room reflects a beautiful and modern style. The chocolate brown tones give it an air of sophistication. The unique artwork against the background wall makes a statement. The abstract shapes and designs add to the modernity. The lovely glow from the lights creates a beautiful mood in the space. The wood floors complement the look and the atmosphere perfectly. A seating area on the side completes the design. 


Before initiating work we have proposed 3D designs to client so they have clear idea on how there home comes out when we deliver them ready project

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